Cleaning The Entire Household

Instructions: Just clean everything with steam! Sparkling tiles, thoroughly cleaned carpets, spotless glass, sparkling glaze!

Everyone knows that a thorough cleaning of the household can be a tedious and time-consuming job. It is a strenuous activity, which must be carried out from time to time. One usually wears gloves to prevent the chemical cleaning agent from coming into contact with the skin. Just in case you don’t have gloves at home, you can expect dry and chapped skin on your hands. If you regularly bend down for your household work, you can also expect to suffer from backache. All this can now become a thing of the past. With the steam cleaner, household cleaning becomes a child’s play and your back will thank you. The phrase “letting off steam” has acquired a new meaning altogether.

The special thing about steam cleaning is that you can enjoy hygiene in your entire household and in fact, without chemicals. Let off steam in the kitchen and the bathroom, in the lobby, in living rooms and bedrooms, in the cellar and on the lofts – and the previous time-consuming cleaning task is completed twice as fast and easily. You can now save the time you previously used to invest in cleaning!

You can also clean the biggest dirt effortlessly using the thorough cleaning steam; without chemicals and quickly! Never will you forget a corner again, never will you get frustrated while cleaning again. You can clean your mattresses, upholstery or carpets easily right up to the floor and let your laminate shine again. The steam cleaner is suitable, not just for the household, but is ideal for cleaning the car as well. 

Accessory: Thermostar Dry Steam Cleaner

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Cleanness for a lifetime!