Garden furniture, plastic and rattan

If you leave your furniture in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony for a long time, you will surely notice that it gets dirty over time. So it is not uncommon for insects, dirt or moss to settle on the furniture. To remove stubborn dirt and give your garden furniture a new shine, the dry steam cleaner from Thermostar is the ideal solution. It offers absolute cleanliness and is completely environmentally friendly. 

Clean outdoor furniture effortlessly

For garden furniture, whether made of plastic, wood or metal, to shine again, there are all kinds of tips and advice on the Internet. These are, among other things, the use of household remedies or aggressive, chemical cleaning agents, which supposedly promise an impeccable cleaning. Even if some of these products actually lead to success, such cleaning methods often take a lot of time and effort. In addition, these irritating cleaning agents can leave small scratches on the surfaces. With a dry steam cleaner, the whole process can be limited to just one device. In addition to saving time, garden furniture is quickly and efficiently cleared of dirt – without any chemicals.

Clean & maintain plastic garden furniture

In contrast to other materials, plastic is easy to care for. But seats, armrests and backrests made of plastic are, for example, very susceptible to discoloration. White garden furniture in particular often no longer looks particularly attractive after a garden season with intensive use. The exhausting rubbing with a cleaning cloth does not often accomplish much and the use of chemical cleaners is not entirely harmless. A dry steam cleaner is the ideal alternative solution: on the one hand it effortlessly refreshes discolored plastic furniture, on the other hand up to 99% of the bacteria present are killed – and that with water power alone. 

Tip: For plastic garden furniture, place a microfiber cloth between the brush and the surface to be cleaned so as not to damage it.

Cleaning and care of wicker furniture made of rattan

Rattan furniture also needs regular maintenance and cleaning. A minor challenge for regular cleaning is the typical mesh surface. Dust, pollen, coarse dirt or cobwebs can accumulate in the fine mesh. With the steam lance of the dry steam cleaner, you can clean these small cracks in a jiffy – with no effort and no chemicals. 

Take care when cleaning wooden garden furniture

Not every material has the same properties and therefore the same needs when it comes to proper care. Wooden furniture in particular is one of the less weather-resistant materials because it can quickly crack and roughen. So that furniture looks new and lasts for many years, caution is advised when cleaning: if the dry steam cleaner is used incorrectly, the wood can swell up unattractively. The steam can therefore be regulated accordingly so that the wood is not damaged. 

Effortlessly make your terrace fit for spring!

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To the accessories

In order to achieve the best cleaning results, we have summarized the best tips here:

  • Check the material for heat resistance (especially wood).
  • Start with low steam pressure and then increase.
  • Use the steam lance for light soiling.
  • You can easily remove stubborn stains with the small triangular brush.
  • If necessary, you can wipe the surface with a dry cloth after use.

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